Intelligence in motion

Innovative Solutions for an Autonomous Future

AKTV8 is a leader in developing next-generation automotive technologies centered on intelligent, integrated solutions to enhance ride comfort, performance and safety for commercial trucks, recreational vehicles and beyond. Our talented team is driven by a shared passion for discovering and creating innovative solutions that advance safety, increase productivity, reduce costs, and empower an autonomous future.

Intelligence made easy

From our iAir electro-pneumatic control module to the smart suspension and leveling capabilities of iFlex, AKTV8’s custom-engineered, easy-to-install intelligent systems are blazing a trail for the future of autonomous transportation by making sophisticated automotive technology accessible to more vehicles in more markets.

Customer Interaction is the lifeblood of our business

AKTV8’s talented team is eager to partner with you to help discover and create innovative automotive solutions for any vehicle in any market. If you have any questions or are interested in starting a conversation, please contact us at (888) 342-3162 and a member of our applications team will respond directly.