PressureTech™ is a configurable pressure-monitoring sensor platform used for monitoring tire pressure, suspension pressure, onboard scales and virtually any other pneumatic system on a vehicle.

PressureTech™ sensors are designed and tested to OEM and heavy-truck standards that, depending on the application, will last up to five years on a single replaceable battery. Each sensor can be easily configured by scanning a laser-etched QR code on the cap.

PressureTech™ can be used as a standalone system with the mobile app or in combination with the AKTV8 iAir® range extender gateway to unlock even more features. Unlike other systems, PressureTech™ is a configurable, made-easy platform that combines tire-pressure monitoring, onboard scales in a single telematics-ready system for the commercial truck, RV and automotive markets and more.

How it works

PressureTech™ TPMS sensors easily screw onto the valve stem of any vehicle. The fade-resistant, laser-etched QR code on the top is used to configure the sensor in the PressureTech™ mobile app. The sensors will monitor both pressure and temperature up to 150 PSI. Alerts can further be configured in the mobile app.

PressureTech™ TPMS sensors are available in both cap style and inflate-thru style sensors. Inflate-thru sensors allow air to be added to the tire without removing the sensor. Unlike other inflate-thru sensors, PressureTech™ is lightweight with little imbalance to the tire and compatible with heavy-truck ATIS systems.

PressureTech™ TPMS is perfectly suited for heavy-truck, light-vehicle and RV applications. For trailers, our range extender gateway may be used to ensure in-vehicle connectivity from the mobile app to the sensors.

Pressuretech™ mobile app features

The PressureTech™ mobile app is built for all TPMS and onboard scale products. With AKTV8’s custom mobile app, you can configure multiple vehicles and trailers and set separate pressure alerts for each. For commercial users, all TPMS, vehicle and load data, and GPS location information can be saved and shared digitally directly from the device.

  • Easily scan the laser-etched QR code
  • Configure multiple vehicles and trailers in one app
  • Create vehicle profiles with image and information (type, VIN, license, etc.)
  • Build temperature and pressure alerts per vehicle/trailer
  • Access Drive Mode for real-time status of available sensors and any alerts
  • See each tire on the truck or trailer with current pressure and temperature in the
  • Configurations feature
  • Download to iOS and Android smart devices

Telematics Readiness for Heavy Trucks

With telematics systems rapidly becoming the norm throughout the heavy-truck industry, PressureTech™ is leading the way with an optional OEM-grade, electronic range extender gateway that aggregates both TPMS and onboard scale sensor data and transmits it via Bluetooth or CAN to the vehicle’s existing telematics system. When using the gateway, the PressureTech™ mobile app is first paired with the gateway before configuring the vehicle sensors.


PressureTech™ kit options

Cap Sensor

Cap Sensor

Flow Thru Sensor

Flow thru sensor

Onboard Scale

Onboard Scale

Gateway range extender


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