Electronic controls enable digital control, new features, and intelligent diagnostics resulting in improved performance, safety, increased uptime, and optimized efficiency. iAir’s intelligent pneumatic controls are a made-easy solution for multiple transportation and industrial applications. Unlike conventional mechanical, distributed solutions, or hobby-grade electronics, iAir® is integrated, wireless, and validated
to OEM standards.


AKTV8’s journey began by developing an integrated control system for air suspension. Our core technology, iAir® incorporates electronics, sensors, and pneumatic control into one automotive-grade controller. The system uses CAN and/or Bluetooth to communicate with a user interface or mobile app for configuration, diagnostics, alerts, and over-the-air software updates.

Unlike other control systems, iAir® is an integrated “made-easy” solution for the commercial truck, RV, automotive and beyond.

Commercial Vehicle

  • Height Control
  • Cab suspension
  • 6×2 Lift Axle
  • Load Estimation

Class 7-8 Trailer

  • Tire inflation
  • Trailer ECU

Auto OEM & Aftermarket

  • Air Controls
  • Power packs
  • Semi-active dampers

LT. Commercial

  • Air suspension & control
  • Load estimation
  • Adjustable damping

RV / Trailers

  • Air Suspension
  • Load estimation
  • Accessory controls
  • Pneumatic stabilizers

How It Works

iAir® offers two expandable platform modules with up to five points of control with configurable control features designed to meet the needs of the desired application.


  • Onboard accelerometer to monitor road input, acceleration events including impacts, inclinometer, and leveling IMU
  • Hall effect sensors provide an internal non-contact height sensor
  • Bluetooth communication with other sensors and user interface
  • CAN communication supporting J1939 and RV CAN
  • Telematics ready
  • External drivers capability of up to 35A for external devices including 12V compressors
  • Configurable I/O for height sensors, temperature, and/or other sensor inputs


iAir3 Exploded


iAir6 Exploded


  • The iAir® software is architected to be modular, enabling rapid deployment of new applications.
  • Base software is written in C++ while the modelbased application code is developed in MATLAB Simulink.
  • Software development to ISO26262 standards for safety.
  • In-house validation methods for closed loop estimation of height control and pressure control algorithms for numerous iAir® applications.

User Interface (HMI) and Mobile App

  • AKTV8 internally develops iOS and Android based mobile apps as a user interface to iAir®.
  • The tool also serves as a firmware over the air reflashing tool for iAir®.
  • Bluetooth capability can be limited and or disabled for security.
  • For on-vehicle applications, AKTV8 has developed a custom capacitive touch LCD with CAN communication that can be externally mounted.