Commercial Truck

The commercial trucking market is rapidly adopting electronically controlled systems as a means to optimize efficiency and improve uptime. Electronics and sensors enable fleets to know where trucks and trailers are at all times, as well as the status of cargo, lights, brakes, suspension, load and tire pressure.

AKTV8’s intelligent controls are a key enabler of this migration. iAir® is an intelligent pneumatic controller and sensor gateway with CAN, Bluetooth, mobile app and firmware OTA capability. Unlike mechanical systems, iAir® reduces dependence on drivers and enables fleets to identify issues before trucks and trailers are deployed, enabling proactive maintenance scheduling, unplanned downtime and cost reduction.

  • Truck applications include telematics ready driveline differential control and monitoring, automatic 6×2 lift axle control, drop and hook, and fifth-wheel coupling.

  • Trailer applications include telematics-ready electronic ATIS, tire pressure monitoring (TPMS), automatic lift axle and height control, overload monitoring, accident and damage detection, and more.

  • iSense™ TPMS sensors available in Cap style or inflate thru configurations. iSense™ is the most compact sensor available and carries a more than five-year battery life.


Recreational vehicles, including towable RVs, are becoming more connected and adopting automotive-like technology. They are no longer a “box on wheels,” and increased demand for safety combined with rising costs have driven consumer expectations higher.

AKTV8 has created state-of-the-art independent air suspension platforms for towable RVs, which include electronic leveling and tire pressure monitoring. Unlike traditional trailer leaf springs, iFlex® air suspension systems go a step further:

  • Safer, more confident towing — Reduced, wheel hop, chocking and stress transmitted to the RV and tow vehicle.

  • Adjustable height — Suspension pressure can be adjusted to match tow vehicle height, compensate for load, eliminate asymmetric loading and increased ground clearance for off-road.

  • Better leveling and camping experience — iFlex® provides the ability to kneel the vehicle when it is leveled for better ingress and egress, control of other chassis features, and offboard air for toys and tools.


By reducing the compromise between ride, handling and vehicle height, electronic air suspension enhances performance, luxury and off-road capability at the touch of a button. Further, powersports applications such ATVs, UTVs and side-by-sides can benefit from adjustable height and damping to increase speed and mobility.

AKTV8’s iAir® pneumatic controls, powerpacks and tire pressure control systems are the single most integrated solutions available:

  • Four-corner, full-height control and rear load leveling — Light trucks and UTVs can adjust the rear height to varying loads, improving safety and towing confidence.

  • Air-locking differential control for enhanced off-road traction.

  • Tire pressure monitoring and control options include iSense™ and iAir® tire inflation systems.