Technology & Capabilities

Pneumatic Control Systems and iAir®

AKTV8’s journey began by developing an integrated control system for air suspension. Our core technology, iAir®, incorporates electronics, sensors and pneumatic control into one automotive-grade controller. The system uses Bluetooth to communicate with a mobile app-based user interface for configuration, diagnostics, alerts and over-the-air software updates.

The foundational pneumatic ECU platform of iAir® is not only revolutionizing the heavy and commercial truck market, but it’s also making smart, easy-to-install control and monitoring systems accessible to any vehicle in any market.

Electronics and Module Design

With PCB design capabilities using the industry’s leading design software and more than 20 years of automotive module design and manufacturing expertise, AKTV8 engineers are armed with the tools and know-how to develop systems to OEM quality and cost targets.

Man at screen reviewing safety information

Embedded Safety

Embedded software is the core of AKTV8 technology, from base software to applications including firmware over-the-air (FOTA) update capability. We develop application software using Matlab Simulink for modeling and simulating dynamic systems with auto-code generation. While some simulation is done virtually during software development, AKTV8’s systems are subsequently built into a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test environment where unit and integration testing are performed.

Mobile Connected

AKTV8’s made-easy technology is even more accessible and user-friendly through an in-house developed mobile app. Compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices, the app allows you to connect to your vehicle wirelessly via Bluetooth and can be limited and/or disabled for security. For on-vehicle applications, AKTV8 also develops custom capacitive touch LCD with CAN communication that can be externally mounted.

Testing and Development

Centered on heavy truck and automotive standards along with a customer-agreed design validation plan (DVP), AKTV8 develop and testing activities include:

  • Durability testing
  • Climatic testing, typically -40 to 85℃
  • High-temp; high-pressure wash
  • Gravel bombardment
  • Pneumatics flow bench
  • Electrical validation and certification utilizing authorized third parties